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Administration Department

The department is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer and is mandated by the Public Service to provide technical support, guidance, coordination, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and effective and efficient execution of the Central Government and Council policies and regulations.
District staffing levels stand as: Health Department at 47%, Local staff at 45%,  Primary Education staffing level stands at 92% and Secondary Education at 52%.

Administrative Structure
The District is divided into two (2) counties with 15 rural Sub-counties and three (3) Town Councils. The District constitutes of 91 Parishes and 565 Villages.  Nyabushozi County covers most of the District’s area as it comprises of 10 Sub-counties and 2 Town Councils while Kazo is comprised of 7 sub-counties and 1Town Council. The District Council is the highest political authority under the headship of the District Chairperson. The technical team is headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and distributed in 11 departments. Each of the department has a head and under each department, there are a number of sections.