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District Chairperson

Kiruhura District is so privileged to be part of the Global community and embraces the benefits that come with e-governance and global interaction.

District web site will go a long way in guiding us especially through feed back mechanisms designed for example, social media platforms and other interactions. This will inform District Policy makers, Planners, Researchers and other stakeholders to identify the indicators that are relevant for planning, monitoring and evaluation of Government programmes in their jurisdiction.

The District will further use this platform to market its rich cultural diversity through promotion of tourism, trade and commerce. Once this is achieved Kiruhura District will be geared towards improving social service delivery as mandated by the Constitution of Uganda.

It is therefore my sincere hope that the web site will provide all interested users with adequate information at all levels of development and where details are required, departments should be contacted for clarification.

Mukago Dan Rutetebya