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Health Department
The Department of Health is headed by the District Health Officer (DHO) whose mandate is guided by the District 5 Year Strategic Plan that focuses on the achievement of equity through increased access to Minimum Health Care Package (MHCP), Quality care, efficiency accountability and transparency. 
The overall goal of the sector is to provide good quality services to the people of this district so as to make them attain good standards of health in order to live a healthy and reproductive life.  The sector objective is to reduce morbidity and mortality from the major causes of ill health and premature health and disparities therein”.
Kiruhura District has 35 Government (public) health facilities where by 23 are HC-IIs at parish levels implying that 542 parishes do not have a health (HC-II) facility. Presence of only 10 HC-IIIs imply that 8 LLGs do not have a health centre III facility.

Health Service Indicators
1.    About 92% of the population in Kiruhura access health facility within 5Kms from their household premises.
2.    Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)  -72 per 1000 live births
3.    HIV Prevalence  -5.9 %
4.    HIV counseling and Testing (HCT) coverage -59%
5.    TB Detection Rate (TDR)  -79%
6.    TB Treatment Success Rate (TTSR)   -83%
7.    Immunization Coverage (Polio)  -115%
8.    Immunization Coverage (measles)  -71%
9.    Pit Latrine coverage  -89%
10.    Life Expectancy at Birth -58 years