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Production and Marketing

Production and Marketing Department
Production sector is comprised of five sub-sectors of Agriculture, Veterinary Services, Fisheries, Entomology as well as Trade and Industry. The department ensures that appropriate institutional linkages are maintained with all relevant sector agencies; comprising mostly crop, livestock, fisheries, forestry and industrial research, marketing organisations, NGOs and CBOs engaged in agricultural activities.
Kiruhura District is re-known for livestock production particularly cattle grazing. The majority of the population are engaged in cattle production, goats and sheep rearing. Therefore access to veterinary services is paramount to enhancing livestock production within the district. This is so because of both culture and climatic reasons knowing that over 80% of the district lies within the Ankole-Masaka Dry corridor. The District also hosts 2 major government Ranches (Nshaara and Ruhengyere) and one National Game Park (Lake Mburo National Park).
However, the trend has now changed and crop growing has been embraced with major crops being bananas, coffee, maize and beans. Nearly every homestead now has a banana garden primarily for food security and some significant number is now growing bananas commercially.

Commerce and Industry
There are 24 registerd SACCOS in Kiruhura District (as of December 2014) 18 cooperatives are registered with the district. The district has a total of 45 markets and 165 milk coolers in the district with average capacity of 3,000 litres each.  The district sells 492,000 litres daily.

The district is richly endowed with tourism potentials. Lake Mburo National Park is located in the district. The famous ancient Mugore Rocks which are associated with the chwezi and the Ankole Long horned cattle are among the rich tourism attractions. In addition, Lake Mburo National Park is renowned for the Zebra, Uganda Kob and the famous Eland. A number of hotels have been constructed in Lake Mburo National park and the nearby areas like Sanga to boost the industry.

Fishing is an economic activity that is steadily gaining momentum in Kiruhura District. Apart from some farmers who use private ponds for fish farming, there are 6 recognized fishing landing sites, 5 in Nyakashashara Sub-county and the other in Sanga Sub-county. There is also evidence of small scale fishing activities conducted on some of the natural water bodies but have not yet been officially recognized as economic activities by the district fisheries and commercial office.